Apple Pay failed and my card froze now

When I tried to use Apple Pay for Deliveroo it said my card detail is incorrect so I cannot pay, but everything was fine before. I tried twice and still failed, but when I went to Monzo account I saw the money has been spent. As I reported it in App my card has been frozen and it said will sent me a new card, but when I tried to edit my address I failed again. Now my account is frozen and I can’t request for a new card. ( I tired to defrost the card but it said I am not authorized to change the status of this card.)
What can I do now?

All you can do is contact them, email (, phone (on the back of your card) or chat (search contact in the app). Nobody here can help you sadly.

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Ok thank you :disappointed_relieved:

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That’s normal procedure.

When you report an unauthorised transaction the first thing Monzo do is freeze your card to avoid any further transactions being taken while they investigate. They then order you a replacement card.

While your replacement card is in the post, you cannot unfreeze your card. Only Monzo can do this. Transfers in and out as well as direct debits will still work.

Once your new card arrives, follow the instructions and activate it - then you will be good to go again. It should give you an estimated delivery date for when it will arrive in the app.

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