Forum and Blog access through mobile app [US]

Monzo being a mobile only bank should include this forum and blog access through the app; not just a weblink, but reading and responding through the app.

You can already do this.

Or you can download the discoursehub app.

The forum is a service provided by discourse and so because it is not a Monzo service, you can only link to it from Monzo. There’'s several ways to do it - including accessing it from the Monzo app’s Help section (Help > Community home)

Strictly speaking, they could embed a web view in the Monzo app that is limited to this domain. But, personally, I feel the Monzo app should be focused on the core of being a great bank/financial centre. The community and blog would clutter the app and take development time from things that differentiate Monzo as a bank. I also think that the forum experience will always be better outside of the app (eg what happens when there are external links in a forum post – is Monzo supposed to build a multi-tab browser in the app so we can open them in the background?).


It is already there.

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Just realised in the US accounts the help tab brings you straight to chat so there is no option to load the forum.

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Community forum is one of the strong aspects of Monzo. The customers like you and me are actively participating to discuss on how Mozno can make their product services better by meeting the customers’ requirements. Therefore, it is important to make this community forum part of the mobile app. Revolut has included its entire forum into their app.

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There is no community home in Monzo US app.

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I guess this falls into the ‘US Ideas’ category. Would it be a nice addition to the US app, from the perspective of a US user, or not?

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The code is actually there, but not accessible as there is no knowledge base so help just launches chat.

I also disagree. Not everyone is interested in all the chit chat, bickering and politics which are some of the things that happen on here. They just want to use the app to manage their finances.

If you look at customer numbers VS community members it clearly shows that people are not interested in having both.


With 3,939,792 Monzo accounts and 41,298 community accounts, the forum (if both Monzo and Community account owners are fully active) represents 1.05% of the ‘general’ active Monzo userbase.

I agree - I’m happy to help & contribute on the community level, but 98.95% dont give a

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As far as USA forum concerned, the discussions are good and healthy. There is no politics or bickering so far.

Since the forum is not part of the mobile app, most of the people are not aware of it or not taking active part in this community discussion.

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Since it is only 1% are taking part of this discussion it makes all the more sense to include it in the mobile app to make everyone participate in this community forum

This ignores all the people who read only.

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It would be naive of you to believe it would remain that way. Especially since there are so few US members at the moment.

It’s hardly hidden :confused: Every blog post and news announcement link here for starters.