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I know it’s a long shot for Lewis and the decision was probably driven more by the prestige and F1 checklist rather than a genuine chance of winning… BUT if Lewis wins a championship with Ferrari, breaking the ultimate F1 record and being the first Ferrari champion in 300 years… the world will turn upside down.

Anyone seen any good Now TV F1 deals yet? I’m not sure I can be bothered with the whole F1TV /SmartDNS faff that I did last year

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Now the official website normally does a deal at the start of a season (football season for example) and it is just on the official website. Don’t think it is close enough to the first race for that type of deal yet. I would keep an eye or see if a website does an alert on the deal but would expect something to come up in the next couple of weeks.

Seems like the offer was from 2ns March in 2023 and a bit later in March in 2022 (not sure if the season started later?)

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Is Now typically the cheapest way to watch F1?

I’ve been going through a cull of subscriptions over the last few months. Have got rid of Disney and Amazon prime already. My current sky package finishes mid-March after which I’m removing Netflix, Boxsets and Sky Cinema. I was going to leave Sky Sports (purely for F1) but it’s one of the most expensive Sky add-ons so happy to switch to cheaper alternative if there is one!

My understanding has always been if you already have Sky TV, no. If you don’t then yes - but you should wait for the discounted Now F1 offer to come up.


I think subscribing through either Sky or Virgin Media is probably cheaper than standard Now TV pricing. Standard price through Now TV is £35/month for Sky Sports. Note this only gives you a 720p stream limited to one device at a time. If you want a 1080p stream and ability to stream to up to three devices at a time you also need to subscribe to Now Boost (standard price £6/month).

However for the last few years I’ve been able to find Now TV offers for around £20/month for Sky Sports and around £2/month for Now Boost. Sometimes these offers come up at the start of F1 and football seasons and sometimes you’re offered them when you request to cancel your existing subscription.

Horner team principal this time next week?

  • Yes
  • No
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Whether he did it or not (he probably did) he can’t carry on.

“As to not take the focus away from the team, I have decided to step down” etc etc

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I think by next week, he’ll still have the role but be suspended pending investigation. No way that Red Bull can have completed the investigation yet

I’m not sure he can’t carry on. He’s driven. And if it’s found he’s done nothing wrong, why would he step down?

Even if he does go, Newey is still there, so the team will suffer major damage rather than critical damage.

Tough one this - I voted that he’ll be around but it’s a real 50/50. Or 75/25, or… up to the hearing.

I’d be surprised if he does stay, just based on a logical assessment of the situation.

For someone to make accusations against someone as high profile as he is, and from what I read they went to the parent Red Bull HR not Red Bull Racing HR, it’s going to create media attention, so if it was entirely frivolous then that would be clear cut defamation, and I don’t think anyone would stir up a defamation case against someone as wealthy as he is with RB behind him. It’s possible obviously it’s something like a misunderstanding but then again I imagine the claimant would have sought advice first and was advised it was worth pursuing.

I know there’s been other cases against high profile individuals that has found them innocent, but while he’s obviously innocent until proven otherwise here too, given the high profile nature of the case I would be very surprised if it all turned out to be a fuss over nothing or a misunderstanding.

“Won’t” was probably a better choice of word then “can’t”

He obviously can, but rarely does it play out like that.

Agreed - ‘won’t’ is better, in both of our posts. He doesn’t need the money, that’s for sure - but would anyone (who is proven to have done nothing wrong) bow out of such a successful legacy with such a shitty exit?

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If he’s proven to have done nothing wrong, than as much as the man annoys me I wouldn’t want to see him step down like this.

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Internal power struggles at Red Bull. The owner of Red Bull Austria died last year, and the new head apparently would prefer to replace Horner with his own man.

Horner and Newey both have a ‘key man’ clause in their contracts which means that if one goes, the other can leave too.

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Reports that the specific contractual tie may have been severed? - Adrian Newey 'makes decision' on ditching Red Bull for Ferrari as Horner hearing looms | F1 | Sport |

And now we wait again… Christian Horner: Hearing into Red Bull team boss ends without resolution - BBC Sport

Well it has been early a week since the poll, and he’s still there. Christian Horner: Red Bull team boss says allegations are 'distraction' - BBC Sport

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Do the six people in the vote who can do the ‘I told you so…’ get Horner swag?
Some winners there…

god… to think people buy this stuff

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Ginger Spice is making a fortune from this side-hustle.