Fantasy Football (FPL)

I’m just wondering if anyone on here does fantasy football on FPL?

Is there a Monzo league that customers can join?

Should there be one?


I’ve been poking around the office Slack, and the answer is: there is now!

The code is 5088184-1129740 :soccer:

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The mind boggles.

Mind boggling or not, I’m in.

Thanks for looking :eyes:

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Annoying I’ve missed this - we should get this going properly next season

Anybody else triple captain Salah this game week :sunglasses:

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I had Robertson though.

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Robertson and Salah earned me 71 points :tada:

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On a small side note.

A Super 6 league might be a good idea too.

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Nice :clap::clap:

Just the 40 from Mané + Robertson for me


Yep keen :eyes:

Stroke of luck with the Triple Captain

Set up a new private league for the up coming season:

League Code: eefv38

I’d love to join in but they want so many personal details off you just to create an account! Why is my date of birth, gender or country of residence relevant or necessary to run a fantasy football team? No ta.

Why not just make up the aforementioned?

Use fake data!? GASP

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Just Joined :joy:

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Mine’s saying that code is too long :thinking:

The Butter Balls are ready to rock.

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Giroud Awakening have entered the fray.

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Only 8 of you have the cojones to take me on?