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With how crazy this “silly season” is so far, i wanted to talk about it.

I did a quick search and saw there’s no thread for F1 so thought I’d start one for anyone that wants to chat.

This silly season is mental, I for one and super happy to see Danny Ric move to McLaren, but now what I’m dreaming of(I know it won’t happen) is that Vettel partners Hamilton at Mercedes for the 21 season. It would be nothing short of Incredible, no Number 1 or 2 Drivers, just them 2 in the same car, left to race.


Bloody hell, things are moving fast. It was only the other day I was reading that Ricciardo might be up for whiny man-child Vettel’s seat at Ferrari. Presume this means Sainz has gone to Ferrari instead? (Think he was the other name in the frame.)

There’s absolutely zero chance of Vettel moving to Mercedes, it would be a nightmare for all involved. I think Vettel’s best available move, realistically, is to retire from F1 racing. Of the competitive teams; he’s left Ferrari, Mercedes aren’t an option, and Red Bull wouldn’t want him back. That leaves mid-tier at best - Renault? - where he relative lack of skill will get shown up again.

Rooting for Hamilton to break Schumacher’s record, but I think we’re approaching a new era where Verstappen and Leclerc will be the drivers on top.

I know things have gone super fast! I’m happier to see Ricciardo go to McLaren rather than Ferrari. Ferrari wanted a compliant no 2 to do whatever they say to help Leclerc, Dany Ric is better than that and he just isn’t that guy. McLaren have been making strides, twin that with them having Mercedes Engines next year makes me really excited for him.

Yh Sainz has gone to Ferrari, I think it’s a bit of a shame really but I do think he fits the role they’re looking for.

Oh totally agree about Vettel, i think he’s out of the sport now. I would just love to see them in the same car for a season left to race. It would be one hell of a spectacle.

Me too with Hamilton, I think he is still somehow severely underrated as a driver despite all his championships.

I’m also left wondering if Renault may possibly bow out altogether

There are now also talks of Alonso re-appearing at Renault. Personally, I can’t stand him as a personality but his driver credentials are unquestionable.

I’ve seen those rumours, I just don’t know if I can see it happening though

I would rather not, let a young guy take the seat.

I wouldn’t mind if Mercedes let Bottas go, he goes to Renault. Russell up to Merc!

I think Ferrari would just be happy to have two drivers who aren’t going to irritate each other :laughing: Leclerc may enjoy nominal number one status, but I’m sure they’ll let Saiz fight (fairly) if his perfomances put him up there. No “Carlos, Charles is faster than you” rubbish.

It would be a spectacle, but I don’t think it’d be quite the one you hope for. Hamilton would paste Vettel all the time, and a frustrated Vettel would crash into Hamilton far more than Rosberg or Bottas ever did. Vettel is limited by the fact that he wants to car to be drivable the way he prefers, instead of trying to find the best way to drive the car he’s given. That would bite him in the butt at Mercedes.

I agree wholeheartedly. Can’t stand him as a person either, but as a driver, I think he’s the greatest repeat champion that F1 never had (thanks to his unerring ability to move to the wrong team at the wrong time over and over again).

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I think McLaren have done very nicely out of all this, possibly the net winners (though Ferrari will also be very happy as well). Renault left in limbo completely, and as others have speculated they may just pull the plug. If they do I think it’ll be after the 2021 season so they can avoid the pain and cost of developing a car for the new regulations in 2022. Alternatively, the budget cap may just save them?

I can’t see a seat for Vettel anywhere which would satisfy his ego. There’s no chance at all he’ll go to Mercedes. I’d be willing to bet all my Monzo shares on it!

I don’t think we’re anywhere near the end of silly season. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bottas to Renault with Russell taking his seat at Mercedes.

Also, Danny and Lando will be an incredible pairing. Possibly even rivaling the Chuckle Brothers. It does mean every McLaren 2021 press session will end with a debrief like this though:


Agree with everything you said :slight_smile:

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I would love this. Another British driver into a top team.

Also 10/10 for the screen grab :joy:

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so has sainz been confirmed at ferrari ?
again personally for me hamilton is streets ahead of anyone at the min.

the closest would be verstappen who will be the next big thing. can’t wait for it all to get restarted.

is the wheels in motion yet

Yh, Danny Ric was confirmed to McLaren first and then Sainz to Ferrari was confirmed about 30 mins later this morning.

I agree completely, Hamilton is worlds ahead.Easily one of the best that ever was.

Verstappen is interesting, last year he showed so a leap in maturity and is obviously the best behind Hamilton, he’s very loyal to Red bull though, I really hope they can give hime the car he needs to put him on top.

I wouldn’t say they’re in motion but the warmers are on. Looks like it could start in July with a double header in Austria followed by a double header at Silverstone, Can’t wait!

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Really happy for Dan Ric.

Hamilton has so many haters so no doubt that I’ll get grief for saying this but if Lewis and Seb were in the same team Seb would be totally outclassed. When the heat gets turned up he’s not on the same level as Lewis.

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I do agree, I’m not sure there is anyone on the grid that is currently at the same level, there’s some that are very very close and will certainly rise to it over the next year or two, but currently I think Lewis is the best

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No grief from me, I agree entirely and have said much the same above. He got lucky with Red Bull that they developed the car so closely to match his preferences. When the car doesn’t suit his preferences, he seems to lack the ability to figure out how it needs to be driven to get the most out of it.


From a casual fans perspective I always felt it was more down to their respective attitudes. I feel like Vettel lost his edge after he won all those championships with Red Bull and just doesn’t have the same fire anymore. Hamilton has always seemed so focused - he still acts like he’s never won anything.

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Two British Grand Prix

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Hopefully they don’t try to force through the idea of running one in reverse. Someone tried it on a racing sim and came to the conclusion that while the track kind of works they’d need to move barriers and increase run off areas all over the track. Obviously the cars would crash in entirely different ways!