Formula 1

The pre race grid walk happens basically every time like that. Been a lot of awkward exchanges over time.


Race was a whole lot better than I was expecting.


The Sargeant news means we have the same grid starting next year as the one that finished this year, I think that might be the first time that’s ever happened.

They may as well save a few quid and use the same opening titles again.

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I’m pretty sure they mentioned in commentary it would be the first time yeah. I was surprised that was the case at first, until I realised that that didn’t just mean no rookies and the same 20 drivers, but not even any team swaps either. Hopefully we get another year of Russell’s T-pose in the opening titles :joy:

I didn’t expect Sargeant to be retained but I have a lot of respect for James Vowels and think he’s an excellent team principal so it’s nice to see him being given some faith, and I’m glad there are teams with a more welcoming environment and less cut-throat attitude than… some teams :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was impressed this season with everyone, except Ricciardo and… Hamilton & Bottas. Which is bizarre given their history!

I’ve 100% respect for Lewis (want him to show Max how it’s done) but that car was not for him.
And Valtteri had nothing but bad luck on his side. Hopefully, both have a better year in 2024

Not sure about Daniel though. Great guy but looks to be struggling somewhat.

I think Hamilton did very well in that car, especially considering it was close for 2nd with Perez for far too long given the masterpiece Perez had under him. I don’t think Hamilton could have gotten much more out of the season really.

Definitely want to see Lawson in for 2025. I’d kinda prefer him for 2024 over Ricciardo if I’m being honest.

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Agree with the Ricciardo comments. He’s a great guy, but what’s the point of the Red Bull Driver Program if they’re just going to go back to the same driver who is past their best?

I said this at the time too, but McLaren binning him for Oscar was 100% the right thing to do.


Red Bull didn’t bin Danny. Danny left Red Bull because he felt the team were unfairly favouring Verstappen, and that he’d need to look elsewhere to be a winner.

Where we’re at now is Danny knows now he can’t win/isn’t wanted elsewhere, while Red Bull apparently still rate his ability to drive their car.

That he ended up sitting out a bunch of this season because of injury is what I think has thrown things out of whack. I think if he’d been able to race every race he missed, Red Bull would’ve been able to decide now if he should replace Perez or not. Instead, as they can’t draw a conclusion, they’re carrying him over to next season until such a point as they can.

If Danny finishes 2024 with AT I’ll be shocked; fully expect RB to either give him Perez’s seat at some point, or drop him for a different attempt to find a Perez challenger.

I don’t think anybody here has said otherwise.

Perez was already a knife into the back of the Red Bull Driver Program. DR going back to RB would be another mistake. Perez isn’t a bad driver, the smart thing would have been to keep him until Lawson was ready to move over, but Ricciardo being in the AT seat makes this difficult.

Apologies if it didn’t come across clearly, I was trying to say that I don’t think Red Bull consider Danny as being past his best yet. That they (for now) think he still has his old skills and abilities, and that their car can unlock it for him again.

And I agree with you in one respect, Lawson is the driver I feel really sorry for. He did well when he had the chance and it’s not his fault there are two roadblocks ahead of him.

In some ways while it’s good for individuals to be able to extend their careers, it seems something of a bad thing for the sport as a whole (and why the teams that make up the grid should quit griping about loss of money and let some more teams join).

So. Hamilton to Ferrari… thoughts?!

Not really surprised, Mercedes wasn’t delivering. Hamilton doesn’t seem to have much loyalty, in the same way he pays his tax in Monaco. Interesting to see the dynamic between Leclerc and Hamilton. Do we know who is taking Hamilton’s place at Mercedes yet?

New challenge, new team. It’ll do him good. He clearly wasn’t happy with 2023’s car performance, despite appearing ‘positive’ about it. Either he’s passed his best or the Merc team can’t deliver what he needs. But massive questions over the commitment by both Lewis w/Merc team and Merc team w/Lewis in 2024

And hopefully, it’ll boost the Ferrari team too. The Tifosi will go wild with this.

Looking forward to it (and hopefully Carlos gets a good seat too), roll on both 2024 and 2025

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I think Lewis has given everything he can to Mercedes and this was probably the best opportunity he had to go to Ferrari.

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I like how this has been the biggest news of transfer deadline day.

It’s going to be really interesting. Really funny if Russell or other driver wins championship in 2025. Think he is just getting to the age where you may as well give it a last roll of the dice. Crazy timing though!

I think it’s the right choice for him.

I know in recent years everyone seemed to accept he was going to stay with Mercedes until he retired and then be an ambassador for the team, but I remember him speaking once or twice early in his career and saying that he’d like to drive for Ferrari at some point before retiring. Because everyone wants to drive for Ferrari, natch, so he certainly wasn’t immune to the appeal of the team.

So for me that means Hamilton must have now entered the period of his career when he’s actually thinking about retiring, rather than it being something further down the line to be addressed later.

I also think that, given Hamilton will be 40 when he starts driving for Ferrari, it’s an incredible show of confidence that they’ve given him a multi-year deal.

I’ll be keeping everything crossed that Mercedes have improved enough this season to give Hamilton a competitive car, and that Ferrari will have successfully played catch-up by the time he starts with them, because I’d like to be able to call Hamilton an 8 time world champion without causing arguments :sweat_smile:


Doing that in a Ferrari of all cars will certainly be interesting too.

At that point you would cause arguments calling him a 9 time world champion…

While that might be what I would call him in my head, outside of my head making that argument then would cross the line from “principled stand against injustice” to “unbelievably petty”. So in my head it would stay :laughing: