Logitech G29 Steering Wheel?

Seen one of these on youtube and looks good for Forza.

Anybody got one ? Do I need a big desk for it to fit ? Looks like a pain in the behind to have to keep re attaching it to the desk when needed

Used to have one for Forza Horizon 4 and F1 games. They’re really good once you get used to using it. I wouldn’t recommend the gearstick though, I far preferred the flappy paddles on the wheel itself.

I also bought a mount for it as storing it and remounting it on a desk became tedious: https://www.wheelstandpro.com/

Helped immensely storing it. I only got rid because I moved and have less room.

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Thanks !
Found it £190 on Amazon without the shifter…

The vid I watched said the shifter is no good, too.

Might get it around xmas

You can get them in Costco for about £120 at the moment, if you know anyone with a membership.

Got it installed ok.
Takes a bit of getting used to and is quite difficult but I like a challenge :slight_smile:

Bit of practice with slow cars on Forza 4 and Project Cars 2 and finally getting the hang of it, did it take a while to get used to it ?