The Grand Tour ( Season 3 )

Anybody else going to be watching this when it’s released on Friday 18th ?
Just got me firestick set-up to watch on the big screen :smiley:


YES! Can’t wait :red_car:


Yes will be watching

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It’s the best show… In the world :wink:


I’d watch Clarkson, May and Hammond do a tv show on anything. So will definitely be watching when it comes out :smiley:


I didn’t know it was back so soon, so I will be watching it now :sunglasses:

Can’t wait to have that back on.

Episode one is giving me excited feelings :heart_eyes: that mustang :drooling_face:

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Yep. Was clarkson and co at their best. Great episode.

I totally forgot about this until I saw the below ad on Amazon :rofl:



Just watched the latest episode, been thrilled so far and each episode is good entertainment.

The HDR/UHD quality is a bit dull though !

I watched the first series and it was good but seemed so generic. Did it get better in series 2?

The trio work so brilliantly together and deliver some of the most memorable TV moments (I still remember the P45 with laughter). I also enjoy how they don’t let PC people get in their way. They’re harmless, really.

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Yep. Clarkson controversial as ever. Thats what makes it what it is.

Must admit I struggle to see the attraction. Pretty formulaic - predictable plot situations and contrived outcomes. It hit the mark first time around as Top Gear but, and forgive me for saying so, they’ve pretty much phoned it in ever since.

…now where’s my coat…:flushed:


I agree. Used to love it but it seems like a parody of itself these days

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