Recovering pin - feels ancient

The new way of retrieving the pin in case you’ve forgotten is really awkward. Having to record a video is already a pain, but on top of that having to have a form of photo ID with me is even worse.

I’m all for security, but this honestly makes me feel the same way I used to feel about Barclays before Monzo came along (stuck and frustrated). Please make this part of the app feel as modern and easy to use as the rest of Monzo does!


It’s only the first time you do it after signing into your Monzo’s account on a new device (or when you just created account).

The app currently sends you a link when signing in on a new device. The pin recovery process is what keeps someone from emptying your bank account if your email account is compromised.

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Really? have had the same phone for a few years and still have to do this…

Ah - that’s strange.

On iOS, if you enable ‘Touch / Face ID for authentication’, that’s all that’s checked before you can view your PIN. I’m guessing that there’s a similar option on Android..

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Ancient is calling your bank giving them your bank details then confirming your name, address, DOB and the 1st, 5th and 9th digit of your pin then asking them to send out a new pin which arrives 7-10 days later in an envelope that you have to rip the sides off carefully.


There isn’t, as Android doesn’t yet have the option to use the fingerprint sensor to authorise payments (you can only authorise payments using your card PIN).



There is no such option on Android. I flagged this quite some time ago when Monzo were doing the same sort of checks just to get Account Statements.

On Android, for PIN a selfie with ID is required.