Forgetting debit card details

(jamestoyer) #1

So I’m on the TestFlight version of Mondo, but maybe this is an issue with all users.

Up until recently my debit card was stored with Mondo. It’s a little inconvenient and off putting that I now need to put in my details to add a debit card.

Before I would just top up whenever and recently knowing I have TouchID added that extra security. I would like to know why that changed


I noticed this too, I’m sure Mondo used to store my debit card details. Now I topup with my Apple Pay card for convenience.

(Andy) #3

Hmm possible bug somewhere. Can’t say I’ve experienced it here. Debit card is always presented on the top up page, never had to reinput it :confused:


@jamestoyer are you running iOS10 on your device? Wondering if that’s the underlying issue…

(Danny) #5

It’s also losing card details for me as well.

iOS 10 dev B3

(Andy) #7

Hmm I’ll keep an eye on it here on iOS 10 b3 and it’s never happened

(jamestoyer) #8

Nope, just the latest version of iOS 9. It appears that my financée also has the same problem and she’s running on iOS 9 too


Seems there are a few of us with an issue then. I wonder if card details are removed after the app update? I’m not running the TestFlight builds, I’m on Mondon 1.5.3, #244 if that is any use to the developers.

(Myles Palmer) #10

Experiencing this also, on iOS 9.3.3 with 1.5.3 #244 Mondo. This wasn’t happening before I updated to the most recent update, quite frustrating.

(Richard Dingwall ) #11

Thanks everyone for reporting this issue! This issue is a limitation of the way we currently store card details in the backend. We have a fix designed but not built yet (should be within the next few weeks). In the meantime, we recommend using Apple Pay or bank transfer top ups (ideally, setting up a standing order after pay day :blush:) to avoid needing to re-enter card details. :credit_card:

(Myles Palmer) #12

Thanks for the update @rdingwall.

I know we’re in beta and everything but this seems a little poor oversight considering it was working perfectly pre-latest update. Especially as it may be users most used feature to some degree, I would have hoped it would be tested thoroughly. If only I could roll back!