[iOS] Asks to add card for Apple Pay even when the card is in the wallet

Issue: Apple Pay still visible under manage your card despite being in the wallet

Details to reproduce:
OS: 12.2
Device: iPhone 7 Plus
App Version: 2.43.0


I’ve checked and I don’t have that issue at the mo, but not sure if I have in the past or not.
iPhone X
iOS 12.2
Monzo 2.43.0

Hmm very bizarre don’t know why it’s there still wasn’t an issue before but all of a sudden it’s just hanging around lol.

Did you add your card through the Monzo app?

There was a similar issue with Android when people didn’t add their cards to Google Pay using their Monzo app.

Yep that’s the baffling bit I’ve always done it through the app I don’t want to remove it and then re-add it again as I’ll lose the transaction list but if I have to I will.


Removed card from wallet added through app it just comes back very odd I’ll leave it now I’m just glad I didn’t have anything that interesting on my Apple Pay transaction list.

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I didn’t add my card to Apple Pay via the Monzo app - I added it through Apple Wallet