Apple Pay Top Ups

Just something I’m curious about regarding Apple Pay top ups.

I’ve topped up using Apple Pay twice now and both tunes noticed there’s a big delay in the transaction taking place and my old bank (first direct) showing me an updated or even pending balance.

Mondo updates straight away of course :slight_smile:

Just wondered if this was a delay with the Apple Pay payment method or with first direct?

As an example, I topped up £450 at 1pm yesterday and over 24 hours later, my first direct balance is still yet to update.

I’m not an expert but it’s almost certainly first direct :slight_smile: I’m surprised they don’t show your ‘available balance’ as updated though

I’ve just make 4 payments to Mondo. 3 via Pay (First Direct, Nationwide, NatWest) and 1 entering the First Direct debit card manually. Nationwide and NatWest updated the available balance almost instantly. First Direct hasn’t on either of the 2 payments I made.

I’d therefore say it was First Direct being slow and not Pay. (Maybe HSBC also).

HSBC and First Direct run on the same underlying infrastructure, so that is likely to be the problem.

It finally cleared yesterday evening. Just seems like a long delay. I know First Direct are applauded for their customer service but I find their internet banking a bit of a mess. Looking forward to leaving them for Mondo when the time comes.

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