I went back to my "old bank" card

(George) #1

… at lunch and the transaction still isn’t in my account.

The only reason I used it was for cashback (I swear!), M[…] you really have spoiled me!

Has anyone else dared to do this?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

not yet - I lie - I use it to top up my M_ card, thats about all I use my bank card of 25 years for

(lee) #3

I use my old one for Apple Pay (and will until Mondo have it) and as a backup. As I trust Mondo more I’m adding/using more.

(Herp Derp) #4

I got my :mondo: Card a few months ago and have not used my old bank card since, can’t wait for the licence to come through AND APPLE PAY as I will ditch it permanently.

Been using Boon card for Apple Pay but that is rubbish and so slow and my bank doesn’t do Apple Pay yet :frowning:


One of the things I loved most switching to Mondo was the ability to tag purchases and add notes/receipts. With my other account in order to make sure everything was in order I’d trawl through a statement every so often and try and guess what everything was, whereas with Mondo you can see payments as they happen easily, add comments, tag type, etc. With my other account it was an awkward tradeoff between paper and online - a paper bill you can tick off/annotate but it takes ages to arrive (and as a student I don’t want to constantly switch address - so I have statements sent home and get them every few months in a pile), online I can log in and see any time but can’t make notes and annotate - how hard is that to implement as a feature?

Just that feature makes Mondo worth it for me.