Flux: thank you and goodbye

About Flux

Flux is a digital receipts and rewards platform that lives inside your banking app. Activating Flux takes seconds and from there on, you’ll get digital receipts and rewards in real time next to your in-app transactions. This means Flux is completely seamless for both customers and retailers, requiring no additional apps, QR codes or sharing email addresses at the point of checkout.

Flux is currently partnered with EAT. itsu, pod, pure and Costa Coffee with several more retailers announcing over the next months. On the bank side, we’re currently available for Monzo Bank, Starling Bank and Barclays Launchpad customers.

Flux in Monzo

Connecting Flux in Monzo is quick and easy! Find your latest EAT, pod, Itsu or Pure transaction and say hello to instant digital receipts and rewards. See below:

:monzo: Community

We’re reaching out to you, the :monzo: community, to get feedback and suggestions on how we can enhance your lives and enrich your experiences!

We’d love to know:

  1. What other information would you want on your receipt?
  2. What’s your favourite shopping anecdote? Why?
  3. How interested are you in getting suggestions or offers based on what you’ve purchased before?

Shout out if you have any other feedback and please let us know if you have any questions :blush:

The Flux Team

p.s. Check out our blog for latest updates :slight_smile:


I’ve been part of the Flux beta testing for a while & it’s awesome.

I’d love to have the ability to assign individual items from a receipt to different categories, for more precise budgeting.

If you could assign a generic tag for #coffee each time I bought a coffee, that’d be useful. I keep track of how many coffees I buy each month (because I’m trying to reduce the amount I drink), by adding a :coffee: to the notes of each transaction when I buy one. That lets me total up my coffee purchases from several merchants.
Automatic tagging based on the merchant wouldn’t work because I don’t always buy coffee every time I order something from Costa but Flux can assign the tag only when I’ve actually bought coffee :muscle:

I’d definitely be interested in receiving suggestions / offers based on my previous purchases, as long as they were very targeted e.g. if I’ve bought a certain item more than once before & it’s on offer on one day of the week, it’d be great if you could let me know :raised_hands:


Building on this, I’d love to be able to add individual items to a bill split or shared tab. That would be :exploding_head:


I’ve been using Flux for quite a while with Starling. I find it’s of limited use as I live in the North East - used it a couple of times when I’ve been in London and it does work well.

More regional options please!


I think both of your suggestions seem to be things Monzo can do and not what Flux can do?

My main thing would be more nationwide retailers, tbh I don’t need a receipt for my coffees in Costa. I only really use receipts for returning something (dont do this with Coffee)


Very excited to try flux! For me the very limited retailers are the only downside.
I hope they manage to get more onboard in different retail sectors over the next year or so.



Being a northerner the only merchant available to me on that list is Costa Coffee but as mentioned by @nathanthomson8 I can’t see why I’d need a receipt for coffee.

So unfortunately in its current state it is going to be useless for me :slightly_frowning_face:


Looks interesting, hopefully more merchants will support it. I’d love to see Flux become ‘the norm’ with all receipts - I’m mostly walletless so paper receipts can be a pain at times!


I think when adoption increases with more retailers this could be a useful addition and definitely something I will watch closely to see how it develops.


Would you be able to approach payment processors such as iZettle?
I find that where I shop most often they use iZettle and its free POS (which I myself use in my business) having flux integrate with that would be great it would save me asking for them to put their email address in every time they need a reciept.


It looks like flux does work with iZettle on the retailer side, i guess the retailer is the one that needs to integrate flux’s tech with their reader to offer paperless receipts.


Costa coffee receipts for self employed and expenses though will be useful to some


Nice little article on this


Good point :slight_smile:

I wonder will you be able to delete the receipts after purchase from these transactions but still get the loyalty aspect, just thinking adding more and more receipts will mean more space used when in theory its not really needed.

Looks good! Just wondering if there is something I can read on about rewards?


I have an itsu transaction from the 31st December, will I be able to see the receipt for this when flux is activated later today?

Flux / Monzo integration is so nearly ready :eyes:

Looks like they’re a big eager though :joy: The backdoor (:innocent:) to the Flux page inside the Monzo app still spits out an error when I try to authorise Flux :yum:

Can’t wait for somebody to flick the switch at the event tonight :tada: Exciting times :sunglasses:

Haha, I just clicked the ‘Where can I use Flux’ button…

London, basically :roll_eyes:


Any idea how you turn it on?

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This says tap on a transaction from a retailer in the programme (Itsu, pod, pure etc) but I bought from Pod yesterday and it’s not showing up the option, so I guess it’s coming online later, maybe after the event?.