Flux receipt missing

My latest order through Just Eat did not have the usual Flux receipt attached in my feed?

Have you contacted Flux :eyes:

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Did you pay with your virtual Flex card?

But you’re better off posting here →

No I paid with my Monzo card

@Jack.Flux kindly offers to dig deeper into issues like this.

Out of curiosity, does flux currently have permission (via an ‘ongoing session’) to connect with your Monzo account?

Check it in Settings → Privacy & Security → Manage Apps
When flux is connected, you’ll see there is an ‘Ongoing session’:

is there any clash between flux and flex in the transaction screen? With my last couple of just eat transactions it says receipt is available in comment, but doesn’t actually show detail until the flex option has expired and disappeared from the transaction.

Not even the usual note saying receipt available!

Yes there is still flux ongoing session.

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Hi @DazF,

I have now sent you a message privately so that I can investigate this issue for you.

Get back to me when you have a chance.

Kind regards,

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I’m also unable to see receipts that I’m trying to create with the Monzo API so doubt it is a Flux issue.

Hi @Modo,

I’ve just messaged you privately to look into this issue for you.

Get back to me at your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,

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