Listing bought items from shops

Hi, I confess to be a little bit obsessed with data. Monzo has been doing a great job so far and I guess you have had already thoughts / ideas / plans on what I am going to write about. Also, sorry if the topic is already somewhere, do please point me there, I’d really appreciate it.

When going to shops, I like to keep track of what I buy and how much I pay for each single item. Lately only for food shops, but this could apply anywhere. There are many cases which I could highlight, one example is when I purchase the same thing and suddenly I get a different price (I notice this only when I am at home checking the paper receipt…and to be fair, I hate to have some paper with me for those reasons). But generally, for me it’s not enough to know if I spent XX money this year at this shop, it’s more like how many kg and £ of fruit I had this year.

I know it might sounds strange for many, but I wonder if there is any work in progress to integrate with shops or other business partners and get this data available for the final customer.

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Integrating with shops’ systems in this way is very difficult to do.

There is an app/service called Flux, but even after years of work they’ve only managed to integrate with a few retailers


The Monzo API allows for receipt information to be logged against a transaction (which is essentially what Flux do, they match a Monzo transaction with purchase info from the retailer and then populate the receipt data on Monzo via the API).

If you’re into it, you could write a routine that could populate the receipt info, although I don’t know how simple it would be to do the comparison bit.


I really hope Flux grows into supermarkets.

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