Flux: The End of Paper Receipts & Loyalty Cards

I’d be interested to know the answer to this.

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That’s a lot of :banana: !


I’ve not seen the full T&C’s, but here’s a screenshot from their website.


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Sorry, I meant the “Home” view which shows your historic transactions, not the specific transaction view.

For example, in the past when I have had an attachment on a transaction I have used the :paperclip: emoji in the notes so I can see instantly when scrolling through which transactions have attachments and which don’t (I know the search permits this too), but it’d be nice if there was some kind of icon shown to indicate a flux receipt was linked rather than me having perform the same kind of change manually. IYSWIM.

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This is cool!

I hope somebody builds an email receipt > Monzo Transactions Receipts API service. So you get an email from Amazon, forward to the service, which parses it and inserts the receipt data into the correct transaction


Here’s the terms from the app :boom:





Idea now possible with Flux: Automatic diet tracking of your lunch

If you eat lunch at Eat, you could use the Flux receipts data to match against Eat’s online menu to figure out how many calories etc you had for your lunch: https://eat.co.uk/our-menu/sandwiches-baguettes-wraps/baguettes/chicken-bacon-avocado-baguette_10001868.html


I can see a world where you run an IFTTT recipe that hoovers up all the emails in your inbox marked receipt and then matches them to the transaction… But whether Monzo will develop those tools are up for debate


Something like…

In fact I forgot I actually built one but couldn’t upload the receipt due to Monzo not accepting PDF as a file format…

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Wow… would be very impressed if somehow we can do this.

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How do Monzo customers link to flux?

EDIT: https://www.tryflux.com/consumer/signup

On Wednesday :slight_smile:

Still looks like it’s only relevant to people living in or near London. No everyday nationwide retailers at all. Which has been the same since Starling announced their integration back in 2017! Infact I don’t know if they’ve added any more retailers since then.

Costa doesn’t count because it’s only “Coming Soon”. It’s taken them 2 years to get the Monzo integration they showcased at the beginning of this thread so let’s not hold our breath!

I really hope there wasn’t too much time diverted to this that’s only going to benefit a few people instead of releasing features that would benefit the majority of users.

Not everyone lives in London, the world does not revolve around London.


Yes, but presumably Flux are working to get more retailers on board, so it will be good to have it already available in Monzo when they do. EAT. is available across the UK, though pretty limited in many places (e.g. only airports). Also, Costa may or may not already be supported:


Costa were announced last July but I’ve not heard of anything happening since, it seems to have stalled :neutral_face:

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I think this is a great tech idea - digital receipts - who wouldn’t want this? :man_shrugging:t2:

Only downside is that not many companies are on board and, it seems, it’s London based only, but I’m sure more will join and they will expand outside London…

I look forward to watching the event on Wednesday.

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Hi All!

As some of you may have noticed, Flux has a new :monzo: community home :smiley:

Flux: Instant Digital Receipts and Rewards.

Please direct questions and feedback to this new page. We’ll keep you all updated and answer questions regularly!

The Flux Team

Update: Costa are our official partners, keep an eye for launch dates soon :smile: