Reward/cashback apps that link to your payment cards

I’m aware of a few apps/services that provide rewards or cashback through spending on a linked debit or credit card (all of which I became aware of on this community!).

Airtime Rewards (Any Mastercard or VISA card)
Flux (Barclays Launchpad, Monzo, Starling)
Swipii (Any Amex, Mastercard, or VISA card)
Tail (Monzo or Starling)
Yoyo (Starling only for now, I think)

Are there any others worth knowing about?

Criteria - app/service with which you don’t need to get out an app, loyalty card, or prepaid card specific to that rewards service when paying in order to accumulate rewards. You just link your debit or credit card to the service and accumulate points when you use that card to pay at retailers that partner with the service.

I know Shopmium is another one it has some offers on there and has cash back too it’s pretty easy to use as well.

Just had a look at their website. Shopmium seems to require a bit of effort (pre-select offers and upload a picture of receipt) rather than accumulate rewards just by using a linked debit/credit card. Or is the website misleading?

Yeah it’s a bit of work but it’s quick and easy once you use it a few times.

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Not used but came across recently.

Topcashback and Quidco also have:

Where you have to opt in to the offers you want

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Might not be quite what you’re looking for to begin with, but Monzo Points is coming soon! :eyes:

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