Flux - Now with Just Eat


Get eating at half price!


Nice integration but fail to see the point in an online only retailer (so no physical receipt anyway) that doesn’t actually offer a loyalty scheme.

Suppose its a good first step and learning step for online only :slight_smile:

Hope to see more offline stores prioritised though as this is where the benefit will be more seen for myself personally anyway.


Just got email about it. Happy to take the 50% off but I really don’t see what the benefit of it is. I don’t get paper receipts from just eat in the first place!

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This is huge for flux surely? Even if it’s just to familiarise people with the name?

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Will this stop restaurants printing out receipts?


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I guess the idea is so you can see where the money went when looking at your statement. Many don’t keep email receipts around for long, or wouldn’t be able to find them if they did. Having the information in your banking app is probably easier and more convenient.

I’m all for Flux. I tried it for the first time the other day and was impressed, plus it worked on my Joint Account (can you believe it?).


My card is connected to flux but so far have not been able to see the KFC receipts. Is there a certain place to look in the transaction?

Just scroll down past ‘Add to shared tab.’

So I’m not seeing anything.

But it is showing as linked.

Have you been using the self serve kiosks? Those dont work with flux at the moment.

Also the flux/kfc was down on there for a day maybe this could be a tail off of that, worth maybe tweeting them to make sure


Ah yeah it was using the self serve.

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I think justeat integration is great to get the work of flux out there and hopefully fast track some more retailers to use it. And although yes, you get email receipts from them, and yes your order is saved in your account… it is still nice and seamless to have all that information within the bank. You can go “oh what did I get a justeat on that day?” And you don’t have to go looking through your orders or your emails, it’s just there.

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Literally no point in this for consumers as you don’t get a paper receipt (I thought flux was all about saving paper…).

But possibly a good move for Flux to see how to scale for large retailers?

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Was going to ask what’s happened with Costa?


Takeaway tonight it is then. For testing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The offer applies solely to the first Just Eat order done with a Flux-linked bank account

Heads up: if you’ve used JustEat via Monzo before then don’t bother.

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Oh well that’s rubbish! I’ll use starling instead then!

@samantha.flux please can you clarify if can use the account that has been used to order from just eat before?

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