Flex Payment - Pay @ Pump

I tried using my flex card at a pay at pump station (Tesco Express) but when I tried paying at pump via chip and pin the pay point said Card not recognised. I had to go in and pay the cashier instead. The card worked fine inside. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I also wish the flex statement would show up the merchants as then I have proof of payment at specific places.

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I didn’t think Flex works with pre-auth transactions (like pay-at-pump)?

By the time you’ve filled up and gone inside to pay, a pre-auth isn’t needed, as you have an exact amount to pay - which is why Flex would have worked.

It works with Pay-at-pump, just not Tesco.

It’s a Tesco issue, Monzo has reached out to them


Monzo are trying to get it unblocked.


I’ve someone do this on a bus on National Express West Midlands so and that takes a Pre auth charge of 10p and then charges you in full around 2 days later.

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Hey @NickyPreston :wave:

This has been convered quite a few times already in the threads linked above, hopefully we’re able to rectify this soon :crossed_fingers:


Thanks guys. I know some places used to charge 1p at pumps then days later take the exact amount as people were using their accounts to pay 1p and fill up big tanks of fuel and doing a runner by not paying the account balance.

That changed to £100-120 last year for most places, to stop pay at pump fraud (even if people thought it was innocent, it’s still fraud).

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