Flex Card Colour

Hi folks!

Not sure if this has previously been covered so apologies if it has.

Previously with Flex; the wavy colour flowing through the card would reflect the colour of your main card, e.g. if you had Plus the colour would be holographic blue.

It seems that this has reverted back to hot coral, which it in itself is no issue but it was a nice little feature to have it reflect your main Monzo account.

Would be great if under labs you could toggle between hot coral and holographic blue :smiling_face:

Might be important to mention that it changed back to hot coral when I ordered my physical flex card?

This has been widely discussed and announced that physical flex card has one one design, and that design is used for all now. unique designs were only available for virtual-only flex and is now being phased out. Eventually everyone on flex will only have one design.


The blue and white images of the in-app flex card were removed in version 5.26.0

It’s Hot Coral for all now!

:point_right: No expense spared marketing campaign (not Monzo’s) :point_left: