Colour consistency of Monzo Coral

Monzo Coral Colours are all over the place

Details to reproduce:
OS: latest
Device: Apple iPhone X
App Version: latest


Can someone at Monzo explain the colour choices for the card screens? There are three different coral colours in use :man_shrugging:t2:



I hadn’t noticed that… but now can’t unsee it.

This topic talks about the rebrand and was started by @jessec. Maybe they’ll be able to see it and fix it?

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The flex hot coral is the same as the card hot coral. The rebrand team clearly thought that the hot coral needs to be reimagined – although I thought there was only one hot coral shade so…

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But it’s still slightly different. Being a design pedant, I like to know what decisions were made from a brand pov.

I get that there will always be a transitional period with these things though, just wanted to know if it was a conscious decision, or not. :ok_hand:t3:


Without a dipper to check, my eyes/brain can’t tell if left and right are the same and then there’s some sort of highlight on the middle?

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I used the colour picker tool on iOS and the Flex card and the Monzo card are the same shade.


Yeah that one’s an illusion I suspect, from the darker blue which surrounds the wavy line vs the coral card.

Some companies actually do use slightly different shades of the same colour to effectively mitigate things like that.

The thing on the left is different though.

Pixelmator Pro readings:

  • EB5B5D for the coral and flex cards.
  • EB5C4A for the thing on the left.

I actually think the new coral is the nicer shade and makes the old coral look more like a dull salmon now (it’s not bright enough!). But equally new coral looks too neon red to my eye. Like the switch Joycon.



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Yeah, I noticed it as you roll the flex car over the main card in the UI.

Must be a subtle drop shadow behind that makes it stand out when it overlaps :man_shrugging:t2:

They are 3 different colours. Left-to-right in the original image, Photoshop shows:

#eb5c4b, #eb5a5d and #eb5b5b (RGB: 235,92,75 235,90,93 235,91,91)

The red level is the same but the green and blue levels are slightly different on each one.

EDIT: If I take a look at the colour palette from the blog, the Hot Coral is different again - that one is #ff4f40 (RGB: 255,79,64)