Fix up Monzo

come on Monzo fix up your bringing out new metal cards and you aint even fixed the issue with normal plus cards why dont you sort that out before bringing the new cards out

it would be so much better to just print the card number on the back as most people want that but dont seem like your listening plus think how much money you are losing because of the problem with people ordering new cards

You’re using the word ‘use’ wrong.

I don’t understand why there is so much discussion on the cards. What are you all doing with your cards that they matter so much? They literally sit in your wallet/purse all day.


i actually use mine quite alot i dont carry cash

I don’t carry cash and I rarely use my card coz Apple Pay, I’d rather never carry it at all but ya know £30 limit and all that.

my point is dont work on slmething like metal cards when the normal plus cards aint what there suppose to be

i have a samsung phone and i dont like having to keep getting my phone out if i wanna pay for something

Monzo employees are able to work on more than one thing at once. A team of people can work on the production of the metal cards while others are also working on fixing the Plus card quality problem. Resources aren’t infinite, but working on one issue doesn’t mean all others are put on hold.

Metal cards are for the tiny minority, whereas Plus is more of a mass interest money maker, so I’d bet on there being a lot more people giving the Plus cards higher priority.

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Just so you know, there isn’t a £30 limit on Apple Pay :slightly_smiling_face:

Tesco there is

Really? That’s odd, I always use Apple Pay at Tesco… unless some stores have outdated terminals

Oh well, baby steps to a cashless society

Arn’t you currently having to get your card out if you want to pay for something?

Metal Cards discussion is here:

Monzo Plus discussion is here:

I imagine they’re two different teams with different priorities and such. Probably best feeding each of these into the relevant topics so they don’t get missed :slight_smile:

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i always use my card to pay for stuff i dont carry cash

Right, but where is your card. You are saying you don’t want to get your phone out, but what are you doing, walking around permanently with your card in your hand?!

no its easy to pay by card for me as i aint got to open my phone case to open app

You don’t have to open your case or any apps. Just literally wake it up. You don’t even have to unlock your phone.


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Let’s give this a little while to calm down. :slightly_smiling_face:

While the points made in this thread are very valid, I don’t think we need this argument.