Monzo card refresh

Isn’t it about time that embossed cards were stopped, and that the card numbers were removed and placed into into the app and thermal printed the rest of the card info required?

I’d love to have more stuff fit in my wallet properly and stop my embossed cards damaging my other cards in my wallet, the Monzo card is one of the only remaining cards that I have that still has embossed characters on it.

I’d also love the option to order a card without Contactless in it too (I am fully aware that you can just set the contactless limit to £0 in the app).


It’s been asked, not going to happen because everyone would lose their cards and Monzo would go bankrupt. At least that’s how they see it.


YES! “Oh dear, I lost my card down the coinvent sewer drain, not 5 minutes after the launch of the new cards” woe is me :smiley:

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I’ve had my neon card long enough that I’d forgot Monzo still have embossed coral cards. :sweat_smile:


Least you have friends willing to join to help you get one :smiley:


I mean surely if that was the case, the sensible thing to do would be to keep the Plus and Premium cards active after the subscriptions were cancelled instead of replacing the cards? They set an odd precedent with that that is surely loss making?


But then there would be no incentive to keep plus/premium - I agree though, I’d have loved to have kept using my metal card from when I had premium, probably some regulatory BS about the Mastercard tiers or something


Oh damn, that is infuriating; I never realised that the Neon cards they offered last year were thermally printed.

Trouble was I’ve got about 20 people I know who use Monzo and all of the rest had no interest in opening an account, so I was SOL with getting one.


Your name matches perfectly to your situation, GameOver indeed

To be fair I didn’t have any friends join, I got lucky and go into the community thread where you could get one by participating in the discussion. I think you had to reply by a certain date/time from memory to be added to the list.


I re-call the discussion thread when they launched, but I may have missed it!, shame, they should re-run that, or you know, let us buy them as a one off.


What would be the gain here?

For causing Monzo to need to do two versions.

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Ah yes, the neon cards that occasionally still pop up when people come on here and want to offer their own mother in exchange for a limited edition card.

It clearly shows that sex unembossed cards sell, and that there would be a demand so it’s somewhat understandable Monzo would be hesitant. Though they could do a Barclaycard and say you lot get the old card until stocks last and new customers get the new cards.

I don’t get what you mean. Monzo have made those cards already so the “loss” has already been incurred. They don’t lose money just because you don’t keep them. If you mean they send out a new card I’m sure that’s already priced in both in terms of the minimum term/cancellation fee and the retentive effect it has on those who value this sort of thing.


This is far more cost effective to just have the user do the work.

More requests - more inbound - more work = no go. :sweat_smile:

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Do people still use their cards :confused:

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I used my Monzo flex physical card as my phone has shit the bed If only I could unflex the payments, I can’t reliable login in to Monzo to manage my account at the moment,

This is usually where Internet Banking would come in handy, but I wouldn’t be able to use Starlings implamentation or First Direct’s for that matter as it relies on my phone to authenticate the request

Phone based 2FA is great…until your phone shits the bed :smiley:


“Urgh, I don’t care about cards. I only use Apple/GooglePay”

Also on the Monzo forum…

Thousands of posts about card designs, avid collectors and a desperate scramble to get new card designs from Monzo.




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I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive though