Metal Cards

With Monzo cancelling Monzo Plus to re think it. Is there now anyway we can get hold of a metal card at all??

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There’s no such thing at the moment so unless something else is announced, the answer is surely a ‘No’.

I sincerely hope that metal cards are the very LAST thing that Monzo is spending time and money on.


Got to say I totally agree. I hardly use my debit card and suspect it will be old tech before long what with Google Pay and the Apple alternative, wearables etc…what is the fascination with metal cards anyway???

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Ohhh can I guess?

Status? Owning a new ‘thing’ and being able to flash that you have the latest wotsit is all that matters. I dunno, maybe it’ll look good on Instagram or something.

Heavens, I am officially a grumpy old man (this is not a surprise to me!).


And that makes two of us :slight_smile:

The thing is, I was one of the Plus users who’d have quite liked one.

Only now, I agree this is definitely not what Monzo should be prioritising. There’s so much else to resolve first.


I’m all for people having a choice of things, if people want Metal Cards then fine. My main bugbear with the calls for these and ‘different colours/designs’ has been that the current cards WORK, where as there is still a lot in the app that doesn’t. Yes, different teams work on different things, but changes to the physical cards just doesn’t seem a priority.

I bet most of the legacy banks that offer custom designs etc, only got to that point as a ‘hmmm we should offer our customers something new’ after they’d stopped developing their offering…


Whenever I hear the words ‘Bundles’, ‘Swag’ and ‘Metal Cards’ I quiver


Same here - would have likely signed up in a heartbeat if they’d have offered one in the time before the Bundles stuff happened.

Even if the package wasn’t super I would have still joined, most likely, but now I’d need a massive amount of convincing.

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