First salary payment

Hi, I moved to Full Monzo half way through this month. I’m due to be paid my salary into my Monzo account for the first time tomorrow but have had no notification to say my salary is pending! Should I be concerned? :grimacing:

Do you have a whited-out feed item in your app, showing your upcoming salary payment?

If not, it might be that you’re not being paid via Bacs; if that is the case, then Monzo don’t know that your payment is coming, and so aren’t able to tell you.


Once you’ve had your first salary payment paid into your account, tap on the transaction in your home feed to look at the details:

  • If you have the option to “Send money to [name of party who paid you]” then you’ve been paid by Faster Payments. If so, you won’t get the option to claim your money a day earlier (at 4pm) because Monzo does not receive advanced notice of the incoming payment - FP’s are instant
  • If you don’t have the option to send money in the payment details, it is a BACS payment and you should have had the option to claim it early. Maybe not this time but certainly for future receipts via BACS

Yep! I have the option to send money so my company are definitely using Faster Payments, not a big deal at least I know now thank you again for all your help


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