First purchase

(Adam) #1

Where did you first use your monzo card? What did you buy?

(James Murray-Ferris) #2

Super boring.

On Prepaid: Waitrose and bought a Pepsi and a bag of crisps :joy:
On current account: bought cinema tickets

(Simon B) #3

I just looked, and this is really weird.

On both my prepaid card, and my current account, my first transactions were at ATMs. The reason that’s weird for me is because I basically never take cash out. Search indicates that I’ve only taken cash out on 9 occasions on prepaid (in well over a year) and twice on current account (since June when staff testing started).

So aside from that, my first transaction on prepaid was at Poundstretcher (which was next door to my old workplace, I probably bought lunch) and on current account it was Uber.

(Dan Warriner) #4

On my prepaid card, I bought a Lotto ticket from a Shell garage.

On my CA card, it was Pizza :pizza: from a local takeaway! :smiley:

(Jill Hayes) #5

I got my card 2 days before going to Bruges, so my first purchase was the parking machine at the ferry port

(Bob) #6

Prepaid was Starbucks, closely followed by the ATM to change pin and withdraw a tenner, because y’know… just wanted to see it working!

CA was an online order of vape juice from Rejuiced; 200ml of American Grape Soda :joy:


PrePaid - Morrisons - Jun 09, 2016
Current Account - McDonald’s - Jul 22, 2017

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(Frank) #8

Prepay: 4th August '16 - A coffee at work.
CA: 25th August '17 - A coffee at work.

(Adam) #9

Good effort. Guessing you like coffee? :raising_hand_man::ok_hand:

(Frank) #10

One thing Monzo has helped with is curbing my @work coffee spending.
But it does seem old habits die hard!

(Tom ) #11

First Prepaid was at Attendant on Great Eastern Street in 28th November 2015.

First Current Account was The Princess of Shoreditch on St Paul Street 20th July 2017.

Christ I’m so East London :roll_eyes:

(Jakub Koudela) #12

Prepaid: starbucks in October 2016
Ca: b&q in August 2017

(Hugh) #13

Prepaid: DigitalOcean
Current Account: PayPal Authorisation, or first proper transaction was ParcelMonkey


On prepaid I did a few tests with my Stripe merchant account, my first “real” purchase was some food at a kebab place.

Current account: indian takeaway.

Yes I pretty much live on takeaways. :joy:

(Adil Iqbal) #15

Prepaid: Lagona (restaurant)
Current: Virgin trains


1st Prepaid: Bagel Factory Excel London
1st CA: Costa

(Jonathon) #17

Tesco - standard :stuck_out_tongue:

(Caspar) #18

On my current account it was for my Netflix subscription, and then Sainsburys. I think I got the card a few days before pay day, so on pay day I transferred all my money in to it and set up all my monthly payments to come out.

On my prepaid card it was Boots, and Sainsburys. I think most of my money gets spent in Sainsburys :’(

(Leonard) #19

Prepaid - TfL Bus Journey :bus: - 9th July 2016
CA - Lunch at Zizzi :pizza::ramen: - 10th August 2017 (first transaction was actually someone paying me back on the day before!)


Eye drops for my dog :smile: