First purchase

(Drew sanders) #21

Prepaid - Shell fuel
CA - an ATM- I wanted a new £10 note! 1 day after release however I got an old one! Gutted.

(Jason) #22

CA: The Trainline ticket through the app
PP: B&M @ 1.98


Prepaid: Tesco

CA: Dominos :pizza: :rofl::woman_shrugging:

Where else…

(Colin Nicholson) #24

Prepaid: Pizza Express, Strand, the night I picked the card up from the Mondo office (21 Jan 2016). I even have a photo of the pizza still attached to the transaction :joy:

CA: Less interesting, Asda. (15 Sep 2017)

(Marta) #25

Prepaid, ATM to change my PIN, and 5 mins later, I bought some cookies from COOP next to ATM. :smiley:

CA: transfers to and from Starling, I was testing on a train back from CA Event. :wink: And day later, online purchase on Amazon.

(J) #26

A drink for me and a friend at Prospect Of Whitby

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #27

Friday 20th May 2016 08:09 50p Tesco


Prepaid TfL and bought some shirts at my golf club.
Love the Monzo Card.


Made my first purchase last night. A pizza from a local company via Just Eat. Don’t normally buy takeaways but needed fuel for my fourth 12hr night shift in a row - and yes it was yummy! :grinning:


On prepaid my first was in my works canteen (another bank :scream:)

On current account it was very unusually at an ATM. Think it was for haircut so I could tip