Transferring from HSBC to Monzo

(Simon J Harrison) #1

Dear all - just got my new CA Debit Card last night in the post.

Trying to transfer funds from my legacy account (HSBC) by faster payments - HSBC keeps throwing an error that my security key code is incorrect. I have checked and rechecked my HSBC password (either way i could not have logged in without it so know it is correct) and it keeps failing.

I’m wondering if it’s a Monzo a/c no or sort code issue? Anyone else had similar?

Many thanks.

(Andrew Schofield) #2

The only issue I have with HSBC is that it won’t let me put “Monzo” as the payment reference. I regularly make FPS transfers to my Monzo CA, and have a regular standing order setup that works fine too.

(Lewis Jones) #3

No issue with HSBC>MonzoCA here, thats with MONZO in the payment reference.

(Leonard) #4

No issues here either - was able to easily transfer money across. Granted the reference was just “money”.

(Karim) #5

No issue for me either, and did use reference “HSBC/Monzo”

(Paul M Rodgers) #6

First direct is finding the sort code invalid for my current account


Works fine for me when I call them… not setup for Internet Banking or Mobile Banking with them.


Mines been working fine for ages, maybe an intermittent issue?

(Andy Ramsden) #9

Transfer from Firstdirect working fine with me. Went through instantaneously.

(Oliver Haslam) #10

Upgraded to a current account when my card arrived yesterday and noticed it took almost two hours for a transfer to move from my HSBC Advance account to Monzo. I have since done another one and it was instant, so who knows. I’ve noticed similar inconsistencies in transfer times using Starling, too, so it’s entirely likely the issue is HSBC’s.

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