First Direct account linking expires too soon

Linked account to First Direct expires after ~5 minutes

Details to reproduce:
Link a First Direct current account. Wait.

iOS v16.5.1

iPhone 14 Pro

App Version:


Try remove the account and do it again. I just added my FD current account with no issue

I have already tried that. Also, this is a consistent failure. I’ve re-authed and reconnected several times.

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Have you removed the auth from first direct app and then started it fresh? Not just from monzo?

Definitely worth flagging. I’ve had a similar problem in the past where it pulled the wrong values.

It was an issue on Monzos side as far as I know but it was kindly fixed. I think (no expectations till tomorrow obvs) @tjvr did some magic.

I’m trying to explicitly remove the connection on the FD side and will see if that fixes it.

Connection still expired in less than 8 minutes.