Move money from linked FD card?

Tried to move money from my linked First Direct a/c card, to my Monzo Plus within the Monzo app, but fails to proceed with transfer after entering amount & agreeing terms & conditions… I momentarily get a spinning wheel, then nothing?.. no transfer ?

Ditto with Natwest

Tried again today… still not working?

Probably best off contacting monzo using in app chat.

Well, got in touch using chat to try & resolve this issue all to no avail.
They had me uninstall my FD app & re-install it… that was a phaff, having to call FD enable log back into the app, then uninstall the MONZO app & re-install, neither option worked. Today I had my hope up when I saw there was an update for the MONZO app on iOS, but alas, still not working :exploding_head:

Ok, spent time with support team via chat to locate the problem & today received message from them that they have located the bug. The issue related to the fact I’m still on iOS 12, as this is the latest iOS that my iphone 6 plus supports. An updated app should be released 12 aug.

Hmm not convinced this is the solution on android as I still cannot request money from natwest

Monzo have said they are having problems with Natwest so thats why its disabled currently,

Looks like the Natwest issue is a separate problem. Though they seemed pretty convinced that my issue was due to a bug they missed, as they had not tested on old iOS that I’m locked into on my older iPhone 6 Plus.

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