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Under manage apps > 3rd Party I have Emma Tech Ltd, I know this has just been relased on latest testflight version, but I de-auth the Monzo link within Emma and all other accounts I had linked before deleting the account that was 2-4weeks ago.

Can you advise why this is still showing?
Does it show previous and current connections or just the latter?

Also can you advise what the Truelayer is used for, as i do not remeber authing that one?



That could be for showing your credit card balance in your Monzo app.

Truelayer is also used for Plum I believe

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Yep, just remembered as you typed :wink: I only enabled it for the updated account screen :wink:

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I imagine Emma have stopped the connection on their end but haven’t informed Monzo, so the Monzo connection is still open on Monzo’s side.

You’ll have to wait for a member of staff to reply though to confirm. Might be worth messaging a COp and asking them to find out.

As the update only just been released and not really an “issue” as such, will give it some time after all its Friday afternoon peoples pay day (was the wifes) time to Partyyyyyy :joy: