Linked account access showing the same name though different banks

I’ve a Lloyds, Barclaycard and a Capital One access that has expired, but looking between the tabs for each, they all refer to Capital One, not their own specific account:

Would it be possible for someone to take a look? Or is this meant to happen? :sweat_smile:

iPhone 12 Pro Max latest TestFlight version 4.12.0 (794)

That’s very strange, seems like something is wrong with the code that pulls the bank/cards name - It should still link to the correct place if you atte,pt to re-add it, just that wording that’s wrong

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Strangely just goes to capital one when I do it from Lloyds or Barclaycard.

Image from selecting it from Lloyds.

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This is iOS, right? I think this is related to a known bug we have, where the “Account access expired” doesn’t go away, even after reconnecting the provider, until you force-quit the app.

It is iOS.

It kept promoting to reconnect all 3, annoyingly sent 3 notifications one after the other at the same time along with 3 emails if I remember correctly.

I’ve just removed them fully for the time being as having a reshuffle, but yes it seems a strange bug as cannot link to the relevant account and show to reconnect the one account you’re under.

This should be fixed as of a few days ago—sorry, I forgot to come back and update you! :pray:

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