Finicial difficulty

Hi I’m having financial difficulties need some help please

Hi Penny, welcome to the community.

We’re just customers here, so we can’t help you exactly, but we can help with advice if you’d like to share more, but of course you don’t have to.

Monzo have a very good customer care team that will definitely be able to help you. In the app, navigate to the help section and search for “Contact” and then select “Contact Us” and you can speak to someone at Monzo.

I hope you manage to get the help you need and it’s a great first step talking about it.


Hey @Penny11 and welcome.

Here to listen and offer support if I can.

Go into the app - click on “Help” then search for “Financial Difficulties” - then click on “Telling us about your situation”

Then fill in that area, and it’ll go direct to a financial difficulty expert who can help you best! :slight_smile:


Like the others have said we’re just customers here mostly.

You can either start a chat with Monzo or there are several charities that deal with financial difficulties that can give better advice than us. are one I see mentioned regularly but there are others, Monzo chat can probably point you at them if needed.

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Hi I spoke to a lady on the web chat yesterday & I think she’s held my account for 30 days , I’m having financial difficulties as my husband who is a builder has had a nasty accident at work and has server nerve damage in his leg & lower back and lost his job. I have had to contact step change who are helping me my ref is XXXXXX and they will contact you shortly & will start paying you in August my Monzo flex number is XXXXXXXX I’m so sorry but I need to try to sort this out, thank you Penny Lowe

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@AlanDoe can we get the private details removed from this post?


If you’ve contacted StepChange they will offer great help too, and they will deal with your debtors on your behalf. You should have a point of contact at StepChange who will be your go to.


Penny, please don’t post your references and account numbers.

If you’re dealing with Stepchange and Monzo, hopefully you’ll get the help you need.


Sorry to hear you’re facing difficulties, with your husband being a builder, are they self employed? May also be worth checking in with Business Debt Line too as they may be more aligned to discuss variable income types.

StepChange is also a good way forward.

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