Customer services struggling again?

I want to start this by saying, I have been a really happy customer of Monzo for a few years now. I’m really grateful for how the summary and notifications and bills pots have made me so much better at managing my finances. I’m pretty sure there’s a few extra monzo customers that I’ve shown them some of the features.

Issue 1 - bank statements with date of issue
In the next couple of weeks, we need to apply to extend my wifes visa. If anyone has ever done this, you probably know how stressful it is! The gov guidance, very clearly states the statements can be digital, but should contain a date of issue.

The monzo statements in the app, do not contain a date of issue, so I used chat in the app. The first person told me they don’t send statements (even though the help article says use chat to request). I sent the governement link explaining why we just wanted a date of issue as it wasn’t on the one download from the app, and had to insist it was possible due to their own help page and it was escalated. The second person was happy to order stamped ones via post, but the person dealing with my wifes request was giving inconsistent advice saying they could be emailed (which wouldn’t have been stamped). So my person had to clarify again.

However, I did say to the specialist, that the front page being signed, dated and stamped would be sufficient. He ordered them, and I double chcked asking if there would be a date of issue, to which they said there should be with the stamp when sent by post.

6/7 working days go by, and nothing is received, they say you should order again after 5 working days, so we did yesterday.

Today, some arrive, they are sigend and stamped but have no date of issue. The poor person signed and stamped every page, and there’s over 100 given we use the roundups! I only wanted the front page dated and feel bad for them!

I’ve reached out to chat again to say they don’t have a date of issue. Firstly they reordered saying they will make sure it is signed and stamped. So I explain again they were signed and stamped but didn’t have a date of issue. He then said that’s not an option. So I send the gov page link highlighting the date of issue again.

At this point, they unhelpfully suggested we upload and see if they’re accepted. I explained it doesn’t work like that, you submit everything and find out later if the visa is accepted. I also explained I need a statement with a date of issue from my bank, not suggestions on how to complete the visa application.

At this point, they suggested downloading in the app again. I bit my tongue just asked for it to be escalated.

Thankfully, the orginal specialist has just knocked up a simple covering letter for the statements with date of issue which I’m really happy with.

This just took way more of everyones time that it need to, and caused quite a bit of anxiety in the process for a simple date of issue to be included. Seems quite an oversight that this isn’t in the automatically generated ones.

Issue 2 - failing payment
Last friday, I needed to send someone £40 quid after they paid for me when I forgot my card and couldn’t pay or get cash with only google pay. I put everything correctly in the app, but it kept saying Sorry there was a problem, please try again later or contact us if the problem continues. So I tried a few times over the few hours then contacted them as suggested. The first person couldn’t tell anything being wrong, so it was escalated.

I didn’t know the person very well and it was still failing the next day, and I think they thought I was trying to pull a fast one on them when I hadn’t transfered the money to them! So I had to get cash, go out to meet them and hand it over. The specialist got in touch 24 hours after the intial contact. Not great for a core service of making a transfer. They explained it’s probably an issue with the other persons account… maybe if the sorry there was a problem message had more details and I’ve known to ask they check their account.

They apologised and explained their team is really small.

I think 24 hours for someone in the payments team to get in touch is too long when a core feature is refusing to work. The apologised explained they’re a small team and without my asking, they raised a complaint and they’ve sent me £20. I’m not really interested in moneys or explanations. I just want to feel confident my bank can respond promptly when I’m having a problem, which the complaint outcome and £20 hasn’t done much for. Also, interesting that the customer complaint team are very quick and effecient.

I just counted, and since the 1st of February, monzo has said they are sorry or apologise to me 14 times. I think this might be a part of why they’re not inspiring my confidence too.

In my last bank, I’m certain if these had been both dealt with first time over the phone… and although I’d have been on hold 10-20 minutes. I’d honestly prefer that if it just gets resolved.

Maybe now I’m getting older and have more responsibilities, I need another bank where if an app fails, I can still try online or phone up and get something sorted.

Maybe if some of you have had really good experiences lately I’ll feel better!


I can definately give you a good experience due to the issues with samsung , andriod 12 , and google , i have to factory re set my phone on a regular basis , last weekend I tried to send some one money for a contribution towards a birthday present to find my account blocked and i needed to verify my idenitity , panic stations from me thinking what the hell has happened , got an instant response from the help person who put my mind at rest , esp since i was thinking dont tell me i need to find a new bank account , the helpful agent explained that the factory re set probably tiggered some panic alarm at monzo , and since i had submitted my video all would be fine , i asked how long it wiould take considering it was the weekend , and she told me that she is supposed to say 24 hrs but it could be a lot quicker … 3 hrs later account restored and all good :slight_smile:

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I imagine that was pretty stressful! Glad that was resovled quickly. I’ll think twice before I next reset my phone as I usually do it after every major software update.

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Depends how far the department wishes to split hairs. If for instance I download a statement showing the last 12 months up until today’s date and then send it somewhere. It stands to reason that the statement has just been issued today. They’ll always be a jobs worth somewhere though I guess.

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Absolutely, but the thing is… when you’re irrationally worried the greatest person you’ve ever met is going to be deported… you just want to to follow the guidance to the letter… and you want your bank to make that easy.


The agent said its normally not an issue , but for some reason this seems to have made the alarms go off at monzo , i was certinally impressed with the level of service , tbh yours seems more complex than mine though , maybe thats why it took a bit longer :slight_smile:

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Reassuring yours was. Not sure mine was that complex though… The TLDR could have been… I wanted statements with a date of issue on it, and it took 10 days and multiple messages to 3 customer service people to get them…

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some customer service agents are shit hot some are down right pants , for example a simple change of e mail address with pension bee has lead to me raising a complaint , hopefully it all works out for you

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