PLEASE HELP! Monzo flex issue

Please help me!!
My account has been closed but I still owe monzo flex but have no way of paying this, since monzo have closed my account even if send money into my monzo it will bounce back, I have tried emailing them over 100 times but always get put into a queue and my question is never answered!! How am I meant to pay this back? Since I have missed two payments now monzo is now filling for debt collectors and will most likely wreck my credit, I have no issues paying this off and can pay it at anytime but I can’t I have tried so many options and it is killing my mental health, please if anyone has any ideas let me know!!

Ps. I have moved to Australia for a year so can’t ring monzo as it will just go straight to voicemail, also can’t go on live chat as my account is closed so it doesn’t give me access

Nobody here can help you.

If you don’t have an account then all you can do is call or email.

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Email them explaining that situation and where to send the money to, to settle the account. It’s all you can do.

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You could try and they may reply a bit quicker.

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