Find your link on Android

We’re just about to launch on iOS! There will be a blog post later this afternoon with more info about it and I’ll edit this post then.

You can also receive payments on Android :wink: It’s not yet built in to the app so it’s a bit more fiddly to work out:

  1. Make sure you’ve passed identity verification. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask through in-app chat :slight_smile:
  2. Enable payments on Android (version 1.3.0, hit the red + in the bottom right and then “Send Money”)
  3. Refresh your feed/force close the Android app and reopen
  4. Take the full name you registered with Monzo — if you registered with middle names, they’ll be included
  5. Put that full name after (eg.
  6. :tada:
  7. You can also add a specific amount and a note to the page by adding some paramaters on to the link in the form:
  8. :tada:

There are still a few oddities with the viewing of these payments on Android which we’ll be fixing in upcoming updates (eg. you see a button to send money back to the person who sent it to you (which you can’t do)). We’re also working on auto-opening the Android app from a link; coming :soon:.

Hope that helps :tada: Enjoy!


If you’re struggling to find your link, these are the possible variations which could possibly exist, if your name was Mr James Edward Billingham (which mine is):

If you’ve tried all those variations and still can’t find it, double & triple check that you followed steps 1-3 above. If it still isn’t there, you can post in here and we can probably help you find it :slight_smile: (this page is publicly visible though - keep in mind)


nice. works perfectly on Android!

For those looking at this: IMO it’s worth checking with customer support once you think you have a link. I thought was me, but it turns out is the correct URL.

Unfortunate I didn’t manage to get just my name, but I guess that’s the price you pay for having a reasonably common name :frowning:


OK so I believe I found my name but cant test it…

Throws an error that my visa card postcode is wrong. Its not a UK postcode (Barclays bank GBP card tho) as most of my banking is linked to my overseas home for tax reasons.

EDIT :: Same card I top up with though.

I was heading to these forums to open a topic about what I thought was this potential issue; I didn’t anticipate it would have occurred already - not least four times!

Because the links are “guessable”, it’s too easy to be wrong; because there’s no verification, it’s too easy to go through with it.

IMO in the absence of an integration with say Keybase (and perhaps even then) to verify where you want to be sending money, a randomised link is actually preferable. Someone won’t get jh32jk5ms34s9 wrong, because they’ll check it every time instead of thinking they remember it, and forgetting there’s a numeral due to a name collision, or that I’m full name not nickname, middle name included, etc.

I think it’s only a matter of time before this goes properly wrong, and somebody complains that their money didn’t arrive. (cc @tristan)


Isnt this just because its a alpha / beta work in progress ??

And we are all too impatient to wait for proper roll out on android ??


As far as I understand, the current aim is to default to {fullname}{number if required for uniqueness} but allow setting something else username-style.

This doesn’t fix the problem; indeed it might be worse. For example: John Smith picks the username “Johnny”, but a friend tries to send money to /johnsmith - since it works (there is another John Smith using the default) they think nothing of it.

This issue is not specific to Android, I should have posted it in the main thread (I’ve since linked it) - and that this is an “alpha / beta work in progress” means only that feedback is more useful/actionable.

I thought it was once its not a beta feature android users could ‘request’ money… Then they would have an in app notification… And no chance of messing it up…

That would be a solution iff the ability to send unrequested payments were removed; I’ve seen nothing to indicate this is :monzo:'s intention?

I quite like that my link is

Just waiting for customisation of the link name now. I’m fine with mine by my wife has a nickname she uses everywhere else.

I have tried my username MIROW, my Christian name and surname (minus the accent), my Christian name and surname (with the accented vowel replaced by two vowels), but nothing seems to work despite me turning on the option in the Android Beta.

Looks like it might be trying to encode ü as %FC - the following link doesn’t work, but it also doesn’t display the “username cannot be found” page:

Might be worth asking support in the app to see if they’re aware of the issue, or can identify what it is if it is already accessible in some other way.


Thanks for your helpful reply

@anon44204028 Support can also tell you your username if you ask :slight_smile:


Support kindly advised username and then amended it for me.