Adding my own private message in links

I’m very excited and happy to see the new system. It’s really easy to use and just works!

When sending the Pay Me link, I wondered if we could pre-populate the private message box from a parameter in the URL; similar to how it’s done with the money value.

For example: the cinema tickets

I know there will be complications with spaces and special characters in the URL; but these can be filtered out with some clever regex’s I think.




That’s already possible :slight_smile: take a look at the blog

or if you’re an Android user, this post :arrow_down: for more details


Was just about to post this, but it turns out I’m too slow and incompetent :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, and just since it hasn’t directly been posted in this thread, the way to set the payment description is by appending ?d=blah to the URL.

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it may be easy to use if only we can guess what URL they gave us!