Finally, say goodbye

I just received an email from Monzo with the above subtext heading. I thought they were closing my account for a second, but it was just encouraging me to close my other bank accounts.

Although, weirdly, the word CASS doesn’t appear in the email at all.


I hope I get that email. I’ll reply with the 4 or 5 things they’ll need to do for me to consider it.


Yet they won’t receive that email @o99 because their email will likely originate from a no-reply address.



I think they can just use, really

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That is the address it came from.

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Do you think the email is as a result of analysis of you using the feature to show other bank accounts in-app?

Or that you didn’t use the CASS to Monzo.

That was once a badge that was shown in the app and explains why I don’t have this email.

It’s certainly possible. I had Plus for a short while at launch and used the open banking integration. Whether it would be legally allowed for Monzo to use that information in this way, I have no idea.

I did use CASS to Monzo once late last year to close an account I no longer needed, though that account only had one payment in per month by standing order from another of my accounts, and two payments out.


Maybe they just read all your forum posts and decided ‘this is a guy we can get to switch’


More likely even more scattergun, aka “A/B testing”, because Monzo just can’t commit to one approach on anything :joy:


It’s interesting it comes at the same time as Starlings #breakupwithyourbank campaign.

Wonder who’s campaign came out 1st :joy: