Fell for a scam online

Last week, I fell for a scam online. I was tricked and pressured into making a bank transfer for a significant amount of money. The fraudsters were very convincing, but, in hindsight, I realise how stupid I was.

One thing which I found weird was that the Monzo app didn’t warn me that it was a potential scam. Every time I transfer money to my parents, I get a popup warning me it could be a scam (even though the payee name matches their account name exactly), but this payment didn’t trigger it.

I immediately chatted with Monzo through the app. They took all of the details and told me they’d investigate. The next day, I received a message to say that it was my fault for not taking adequate checks and therefore they were limited in what help they could offer.

Since I received this message, the option to chat with Monzo has completely disappeared from my app:

I am therefore no longer able to speak to Monzo to attempt to get this issue (or any other issue) investigated.

Have you tried searching for ‘contact us?’

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Once you’re back on top of your dispute it would be good to share some details about the scam (if you don’t mind) so that others can avoid becoming a victim too.


Click on the transaction to raise a dispute?

The fact it’s easier for people to sign up to the community and make a post here than it is to locate any real help directly within the app suggests there’s a real problem with this change. Monzo need to reverse course on this new approach and reinstate a chat button to the help section for all their users.

I hope you’re able to find the help you need from the suggestions above, OP!


Thank you everybody!

I tried searching for “chat” and such like, but didn’t think to search for “contact us”. I have now managed to find how to chat to them.

Thanks again.

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Are you sure about this? Or did you just skip it in your haste?

It is only popping up if the other Bank has it enabled.


Completely sure. I have gone through the stages of making another payment and there is no popup.

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It says that you sent this forum message past 7pm last night. The standard live chat functionality turns off after that time.

Since yours is an urgent query you can still call 24/7 on their number 0800 802 1281.

Probably not much they (Monzo) can do though as it’s a bank transfer, they’re basically irreversible, it’s your fault and the app does warn you.

At least you’ll be more careful in the future!

Live chat is still 24/7 they just only deal with it if it is urgent (outside normal hours)

You can send a message whenever and yes this would fall under urgent imo

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Sounds like you’ve already had a response from Monzo though :+1:

All I can see now is for you to report it to the police and possibly they’d could assist you

If you don’t mind me asking, what was the scam? Just to help others avoid it in the future

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