Fraudulent money requests

I have recently been recieving requests of random sums of money from websites called “”, “” and “”. I do not think any of these relate to any subscriptions and they have started this week asking for different sums of money every day.

Luckily, these are money requests that need to be confirmed and they have not been confirmed automatically so the transaction has been declined. However, this means that I cannot report this as a scam/dispute the payment on the Monzo Help section of the app. I cannot block the users either.

I have frozen my account in the meantime before anything else happens. I keep calling Monzo but they do not pick up.

Does anyone recognize this scam? What can I do to stop this from happening if I can’t reach Monzo and cannot do anything on the app? Has someone hacked my account/obtained my details and is trying to buy things on legit websites?

Please help :slight_smile:

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Hey There,

Fortunately the payments haven’t debited your account, however the unfortunate part here is that it seems like your details have been compromised in some way or another. This could be from a website you’ve used before or someone has found out your card details.

We’d recommend reaching out via the in-app chat or over the phone, at your request we can issue you a replacement card. Give us a call or type ‘Contacting Support’ in the ‘Help’ section of the app.


Hey :wave:

Your best bet is to reach out in app via chat. You should be able to click into the transaction and then say report a problem.

Alternatively help then search for the transaction or report a problem from there. You might need to wait for them to pick up the query and in the meantime keep your card frozen.

Good luck in sorting this out. As to recognising the scam, somehow your card details will have been captured. Could be anything from an ATM to a dodgy website.

Good luck!