Fees upgrade

Hello, I set up a direct debit and set up to put money in my Monzo account every 35 days. Still, Monzo has changed my fees as per today 02-12-2023. How can this be rectified? Thanks

Monzo don’t charge fees.

Do you mean your cash and replacement card allowances? If you’re just transferring money to take it out as cash, why are you bothering?

You’ll need to speak to Monzo. Help > “contact” > Contact Us

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Do you mean fees for using overdraft?

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Spoke with Monzo and they upgraded my account. I meant fees for whitdrawal which are going up as per today unless using Monzo as main bank account. Thanks all

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Why not just take money out of your main bank account?

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Two posts, 6 years apart complaining about cash withdrawal fees.

Can’t fault the loyalty!


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