Feedback on Smoother Scrolling (2.24.0 on iOS)

Hey Monzo crew,

I saw your app update in the store and diligently went to try it out. Was very disappointed at how jerky the scrolling was…

…until I realised that in my excitement I hadn’t yet updated. This facilitated a nice ‘one after the other ‘ comparison.

Damn, that’s way better than it was!! I just wanted to feedback because often the little improvements don’t generate the same excitement as the new features but contribute significantly to the overall UX of the service.

Keep ‘em coming!


Hey Richard!

Thanks so much for the feedback! Yes, some of our iOS engineers have been working pretty diligently on improving the app performance over the last month or two. Glad it’s noticeable and that it’s improved your overall experience :slight_smile:


Love the way last nights pending in the feed slid away today to reveal the live payment today. It’s little things like this I love about Monzo. :sparkling_heart:


I tried to get excited about this update. I was hoping for joint pots and got smoother scrolling instead. I didn’t even know there was a problem with jerky scrolling to begin with.

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me too… Joint pots please! It’s nice the app is quicker now… not that i personally had an issue with the speed of it!

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