Feedback on app

Hi, wanting to share some feedback

I used to love Monzo, the app was slick, the offering was great and it had some killer features (split the bill!).

I’m really falling out of love with it, and I want to tell you why, sincerely.

  • The iOS app quality really feels like it’s gone downhill. I see lots of stuttering and jerky animations, when scrolling and swiping, even on simple screens, it’s particularly noticeable on the Trends tab

  • I find the swipe down on transaction list to see account options, other pots, offers etc really difficult to use and unintuitive. I’m not really clear on what I’m seeing in this view and why, I always forget it is there, and the gesture to reveal it is not at all pleasant or obvious.

  • I understand you have to make money, but the constant pushing of premium tiers on every screen, blurred out features, buttons that promise to deliver an action that only to lead to a premium advert AND spammy notifications trying to push me towards a loan or overdraft I don’t want or need (you clearly have enough data to see I don’t want these).

It feels like what was once a great product is now owned by app growth and marketing teams and has become a bit of a nightmare to use. I no longer recommend Monzo in the way I once did, and no longer get the impression Monzo is about a better banking experience. It feels like it’s about acquisition no matter the product impact. The pushing toward loans is also irresponsible.

Don’t get me wrong, the company is still doing lots of things right in my opinion, and I still use it, but the direction it feels like it’s headed in seems like a departure from the values that so many connected with.

I hope the company finds this feedback valuable