Fast support responses ⚡️

(Lancelot Payne) #41

You might want to look in the topic Merchant Correction Delays that will help you out better this thread is for something else.


I think he’s more asking for metrics on how long the task takes.

@urban, we don’t have any metrics for tasks on review merchant feedback :disappointed:

(Lancelot Payne) #43

Ahh now that makes more sense ^_^.

(Eve) #44

Congratulations!! Glad all the hard work has paid off :sparkles: now get a good rest!

(Rika Raybould) #45

Merchant data is considered a lower priority asynchronous task, done when there’s capacity (or more likely, whenever @RachelRaybould is on!) like many other of our back office tasks. The service level on most of these are “sometime within a few days”.

(Rachel Raybould) #46

They only really get done when I am online. I try and get all done but I don’t work weekend and two days during the day so sometimes there are a 2-3 day wait.

(conrad) #47

So glad to see those results. Monzo has done an incredible job and every single person deserves nothing less than solid praise.
That photo of the whole company coming together to take care of customers and get Monzo back on its mission is outstanding, and definitely a rare thing to see :clap:

Looking forward to joining COps in Jan!! :rocket:


Congrats on the new job

(Kalinka (Pinky) ) #49

Well done Monzo :grin::rocket: That is very good news :grin:


You do a great job @RachelRaybould, sorry for bothering you with all of my merchant updates :slight_smile:


Added to main app today.

(Stephen Brinda) #52

Amazing work, well done

(Adam Kendrew) #53

Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but this looks like it will be a great addition to chat and will help with the support times too.

Monzo are exploring giving the user the ability to ‘solve’ their own ticket if they find an article that helps with their question:

(Jack) #54

I also spy a :mag: Icon which I presume allows you to search through your chat history.

(Jolin) #55

It looks slick, but my concern with that is people will think they’re talking to a chatbot, which wouldn’t be good (imo). So I hope they iterate in a way that makes it obvious there is a person there making a suggestion, but ready to help if you don’t find the articles useful.

(Michael) #56

But are they?

The article does not make it clear if this is automated or person driven

(Michael) #57

And for the record - personal opinion only - I would be happy to get an automated attempt to answer my question up front before going on to the COps

(NM) #58

Automated I think as one of the the categories its tagged in (the article) is Machine learning

(Michael) #59

Good spot


I think it would be good to say something like “I’ve found some help pages that might have the information you’re looking for while you wait”, so people know they’re still in the chat queue.