Fast support responses ⚡️

(NM) #61

I’m curious as to why this is needed as there is an entire repository in App of all the FAQs that could possibly be needed.
I wonder if this was prompted from people ignoring or no knowing where the the help section is. if it is the latter then better signposting is needed.

(Jordan Taylor) #62

More about this is mentioned in the following thread:

(Callum McIntyre) #63

This is great news! :slight_smile: Is Monzo’s plan to always be chat and never to do phone support? I’m guessing you guys are aware that First Direct consistently win best customer support on MoneySavingExpert, and honestly they do deserve it - nothing really competes with getting through immediately 24/7 to somebody who can answer your question. Monzo support have always been awesome and gone above and beyond, but will I ever be able to just phone you and get an immediate response?


Yep, the number is on the back of your card! :blush:

(Splodf) #65

Damn I need to work those hours!

(Colin Robinson) #66

(#savetheseabass) #67

Have support times trailed off again? Took 6 hours to get a response yesterday after I asked a question. I replied this morning, specialist got back to me at 11.30, I replied to him at 1.30 and now I’ve been waiting over 10 hours :woman_shrugging:

(Splodf) #68

I had to use chat last weekend and it took 12 hours for a response, after that it was fairly quick.

(#savetheseabass) #69

Be a real shame if after all that hard work bringing it back under control it got away from them again

(Michael) #70

Got support about a transaction issue within a twenty minutes or so with quick follow up responses earlier in the week. Maybe not a consistent experience, but maybe not sliding either

(Michael) #71

Maybe my query - I got a refund back to Monzo from a merchant after they had “payment issues” with a transaction - was easier to field

What sort of query did you have that needed a specialism? Maybe the width has improved, but not the depth

(#savetheseabass) #72

No it’s an easy one, just want a restriction I asked for a while ago to be removed for a few weeks. Still no reply

(NM) #73

I don’t want to speculate but I wonder if it’s Cop dependent… some take longer than others

(#savetheseabass) #74

What happened is his shift finished and it wasn’t passed on to anyone else. Sent another message a few minutes ago to check for signs of life and got a reply within minutes from someone else

(Jack B) #75

Have to say I have never had any issues with the wait times and always been impressed!

(NM) #76

Yeah maybe it’s a process thing to work on, how to transition correctly when going off shift

(Jolin) #77

I had a simple query around 10 days ago, and it took several hours for the initial response. No biggie, it wasn’t urgent, but it does seem time have slipped again (even the indicator now says “a few hours”).

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #78

I had a query yesterday morning. Had a response and a fix in 30 mins. Very happy.

(Jack) #79

I’ve noticed response times are generally longer on the weekends. But overall fairly decent as far as I’m concerned.


We are falling between 10 mins and about 6 hours right now. Were working hard on spotting trends and seeing why queues increase. We’ve also noticed a lot more customers are selecting their question as urgent which pushes the non urgent queries response time back a bit.

Evening and weekend are the slightly slower times, but we’ve still got staff in training at a steady rate who will be joining the front line soon! :muscle:

As soon as we notice replies even hitting 30 minutes we have Activity Leads who are making sure we’ve got hands on deck to a) meet demand (increased or otherwise) and b) reduce it back down as much as possible.