Fast support responses ⚡️


Awesome! :clap:

I’d love to know what people are actually chatting to COps about though. Only to satisfy my own curiosity though :grinning:.


That is fascinating to me too!

(NM) #23

Is there any chance of just getting a press release on the stats and the reasons why etc.?


I think it was said a little while ago that a blog post was in progress but they wanted to wait until they were solidly out of the woods before doing so.

(NM) #25

So wouldn’t that be now, the bearing in mind the jubilation


I feel a few more days, community always gets things a little faster.

But that is a personal guess :woman_shrugging:


I wouldn’t be surprised if we get something on the blog tomorrow.


I’d also like to know what sorta features they are able to/want to eventually/possibly implement now that Monzo Chat is in-house. But all in good time :grin:

(Michael) #29

Would be interesting to know, aside from the other new tools introduced, whether the move to Monzo Chat, which took place at a very delicate moment, ended up helping clear down the backlog

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In the words of young Mr Grace; “You’ve all done very well.”


(Luke Browne) #32

This is awesome, personally I’d love to see more of this kind of thing, to see how you folks do your job day to day!

(Alex Mayo) #33

:mondo: COps…



This is really, really good news. I have never minded the extra wait of a couple of days, because I knew it was only a short term problem. And when I did have a genuinely urgent enquiry, it was all solved within a few hours.

Great to see things are back to normal :tada:

(Gareth) #35

Well done to everyone involved! :+1:

Great to see!

(Elliot ) #36

To be fair I’ve never had any majorly urgent issues, so don’t tick that option when messaging the support team.

However it’s nice to be able to simply message the team and reply back and forth throughout the day to solve the issue (especially with work where I might only get 5 minutes spare every hour or so) rather than takw a phone call and be on hold for an hour or so.

Maybe there could be an option where you’re not in a huge rush and you can choose “normal enquiry”, it might improve stats whilst also helping to differentiate between urgent, non-urgent but important and general enquires and questions that customers have. I think there’s a huge gap between the three groups and having only an urgent and non-urgent option limits peoples feeling towards their issues and might cause them to choose urgent out of necessity.

(Valeri) #37

Glad to hear, this is really good news. I know it was said multiple times that it is being addressed but good prompt service was definitely the USP I was sold to when signing up to Monzo, so I am really glad to hear we are back to normality.

Virtual shoulder rub for all the COPs, you are angels :angel:


If this means that some CS knowledge has spread out further across the company, I’d keep that rolling with regular mini-sessions or similar. You never know when it could come in handy.

(Jack) #39



Do you have data on retailer info update submissions (eg when I submit a logo for a retailer that you can’t identify).

Sometimes they change within 10 mins, and other times it’s a couple of days.