Complaint: Support is exceedingly poor? How do we complain?

Firstly, the time to reply is ridiculous, I sent a chat message about a rather large transaction thats gone astray, yesterday in the morning, I got a reply today. More than 24 hours later.

But, unfortunately this isn’t even the worst thing. The chat staff simply doesn’t understand what you are asking them. I had a really simple question.

“Can you check if the transfer I attempted to make to AMEX on the 27th is still pending, I dont see it anywhere in the system”

I was then asked, what name I had given the transaction when I created it and I explained the following:

I haven’t named it, I took the following steps to make the payment

  1. I logged into my amex app, and pressed “make payment”
  2. I chose Monzo from the list of banks
  3. I selected the amount I wanted to pay
  4. The amex app then redirected me to the Monzo app, that asked me to confirm the transfer I was about to make
  5. I confirmed in the Monzo app I wanted to make the payment
  6. I was routed back to the amex app and got a receipt of payment

Now, the payment however, never came through, Amex is telling me that thet bank (Monzo) never transferred the monies.

My question at this stage is simple, I just want to be reassured that the transfer isn’t pending, and simply failed. So I can attempt to make it again without risking double payment.

The support staff is completely confused about this, after stating the above, I was again asked, what I named the transfer when I made it. And I politely asked him to read the above again.

Then, he sent a snipped on how to make transfers, I explained that this wasn’t my question, I just wanted to verify if my transaction had failed or was pending.

I’ve been ghosted since then. No reply.

I’m fairly sure it failed, as it’s over 10K. But it failed completely silently. And it seriously doesn’t fill me with confidence that my bank cant even check the status of an attempted transaction. This have become an 24+ hour thing, that still hasn’t been answered.

If this is the future, I will have to explore the past. I’ve never had this much hassle in getting such a simple question answered.

“what is the status of the transfer of X to Y made on the Z”


It’s not pending. That feature sends a faster payment, which are instant. Either it would have been sent or it wouldn’t. You haven’t given AMEX any sort of authority to make transfers at a later date or anything like that. It’s safe to make the transfer again.

On the support being not great. Yes, difficult to disagree.


Monzo don’t allow transfers of over 10K, unless they’re arranged ahead of time so the transfer should have been rejected.

Potentially there’s a workaround/flaw here that Monzo don’t stop transfers that high if they’re invoked via open banking - like you did with AMEX.

If you mention in chat that you’re not satisfied, and would like to raise a complaint and they’ll sort that for you! :slight_smile:

Has the money left your account? If not, then there’s no pending transaction.

If you’ve confirmed with Amex they have definitely not sent it then it should be fine to send again.

An amount that large has almost certainly triggered a flag somewhere. So if AMEX confirm it has been sent then Monzo have blocked it. If they say it hasn’t it never went which might be why Monzo are confused.

For what it’s worth I’m in agreeement with just how poor their customer service is. It’s really bad.

What will it take for Monzo to do something about it?

I’ve contacted Monzo today and they responded and looked into my account and gave me a resolution within 2 hours which I think is good. They used to take a while to reply but I do think they are getting better.

Yeah, the point of my post was just, while I was fairly certain tha the transaction had silently failed. I still wanted to just double check the exceeding simple query

“has this this transaction failed or is it pending”

As it was an assumption at this stage that the 10K limit also applies to open banking initiated bank transfers.

So in short, I was fairly confident it failed, but not 100%. Thus, before attempting a new transfer, I just wanted to reassurance from my bank if the transaction had failed or not.

It turned out this was an impossible question to answer for my bank. Which is disappointing, and what im complaining about here.


So clearly there is quite a lot of variance in their response time :wink:

I agree with your rationale, and as mentioned in the post, I’m fairly certain its failed. I’m just gobsmacked my bank wasn’t able to confirm that.

(I mean, even if its the most likely outcome, it is still an assumption that it failed, I couldn’t say with a 100% certainty that there aren’t different limits for Open Banking initiated payments, its unlikely, but not impossible right. So, due to the amount of the transfer, I just wanted to verify with my bank. I thought checking a transaction would be a approx 10 minute thing, it has been with every other bank I ever had)

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Now. This could be an Amex issue even though they said it isn’t.

I remember I did something like this last year (under £10k though) and it was delayed by 3 days and then got there. Amex at the time stated to me that it was normal for it to take time sometimes. I was a little worried at the time, but it was all good in the end. I would wait to see what happens. It will either go though or be reversed. Also ask Monzo for the transfer ID (it has a specific name but I forgot it) in case you need to follow up.

It is also the reason I’ve never used the option again and just now pay via a direct bank transfer.

Sorry to hear about the experience you’ve had here. You can log a complaint via email to if one hasn’t already been logged via chat.

I made a transaction but it was declined ,still monzo has not refunded my money why

how long ago was the transaction declined? It could still be a pending card authorisation/hold

Monzo do not have your money. They will not be “refunding” you.

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If it’s a pending auth hold then Monzo do have the money though?

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Not refunding anything though. The issue is the merchant, not Monzo.

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Well, it depends, if it’s pending then Monzo has the money and Monzo will be the one returning it to the account.

They won’t do it until the authorisation expires though (usually 7 or 30 days after the transaction). They used to do it sooner but they no longer do.


I use the quick payment feature for Amex, can confirm it takes longer than 24 hours to be received at Amex. Can take a few days sometimes, i had a similar issue in the past. Now I use a Pot and a virtual card assigned to it as debit card is instantly received on Amex end.


I’m late to this party … only just joined the forum.

Monzo don’t seem to set out any time frame within which chats will be answered; urgent or not.

I sent a non-urgent question and didn’t get a response for three weeks. By the time they did respond, I actually had spent lots of time on google finding the answers through forums.

I raised a complaint through the chat facility when they did eventually respond. I can’t remember the exact amount of time they give themselves to respond to complaints. I think they said 53 days. Anyway, by 29th November. And they are taking every minute of that time. I’m due a response tomorrow. It’s ridiculous that it’s taken (so far) 52 days for them to work out why it took them three weeks to answer a question.

I used to love banking with Monzo. The chat facility was pretty sleak. Now it’s become really clunky. And there doesn’t seem to be much of a quality process to make sure that it functions efficiently.

I’m actually thinking of moving to another bank.


I’m still waiting for a response to a complaint I logged 10 weeks ago and was told I would have response on 23rd October

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You can raise it straight with the ombudsman if the deadline for a final response has been missed.