Fake Website

No worries. Team work :raised_hands:

I can’t see them not removing the ad, so hopefully this is the end of it and nobody else falls victim to it.


I nearly fell victim I entered my Vodafone email login and password but have since changed the password


If you use the same password on any other websites make sure you change those too.


Wow. Interesting that a company who ‘sustainably grows flowers’ (?!?!?!) can get away with that ad header.

Haha. The fact that it forwards to a different domain makes me think that the flowers domain has been stolen or had it’s DNS changed, or the website has been hacked.

I’m too lazy to look into it any further :sleeping:

thanks anyway

Even if any part of what I said was true, there would be little to nothing that I/we could do. We’ve done the right thing in reporting the ad and I’m sure everything else will be taken care of in due course :slight_smile:

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So either Bing reacted in <35mins or there are individual issues with browser/Gateway/DNS settings on our comps - if I Bing ‘my vodafone’ with Edge, I get;

Which is the correct URL for Voda. Strange.

Is anyone using VPN’s?

No VPN here, it has gone :open_mouth:

Kudos to Bing’s reported error process :+1:

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it still comes up for me

Isn’t showing for me , ( I didn’t check last night)

If you want to be extra cautious, try resetting your browser to factory default and try again.