Messenger Payments


Hi anyone else had the problem on not being able to add their monzo card for messenger Payments?

(Hugh Wells) #2

Hey @Palmer

Sorry to hear this :disappointed_relieved:

Is it a prepaid or Current Account card, and what error do you get?


This message. It’s a current account and I’ve had a good conversation with customer services however no one seems to know why


I have tried numerous times so I am sure the details are correct

(Hugh Wells) #5

Sadly, it is usually because they BIN tables aren’t up to date and therefore don’t recognise the card. I don’t think if anyone else on here has successfully set it up?


Facebook has since sent me a reply saying monzo cards are blocked as they have had trouble receiving payments

(Hugh Wells) #7

Thanks for that and once again, apologies for the trouble.
Would you be able to DM me a screenshot of what they’ve said? I’m going to get our merchant acceptance team on this but I can’t think of any issues off hand given it is just a standard Mastercard?

(Conor Warne) #8

I’ve encountered exactly the same error today, my NatWest Visa debit card works fine, but I would prefer to link my Monzo card for FB Messenger payments if possible. Any progress on resolving this issue?



When trying to add my card I get an active card check, and it gets no further. Are Monzo investigating?

(Jack Donovan) #14

What on earth do people use there card for in Messenger?

I do not understand :cry:

(Conor Warne) #15

Because you can now send and receive payments to/from your friends inside FB Messenger. It’s convenient for me because nearly all my friends have FB Messenger, and we can send eachother money without having to know eachother’s bank details or switching to a banking app.

In future, Facebook will be able to leverage the fact that they have users card details on file to remove friction from purchases, thus increasing the value of their advertising platform.

(Jack Donovan) #16

Thank you for clearing that up :joy: I thought everybody was talking about micro transactions for candy crush or something…

I was starting to wonder what I was doing here… :rofl:

(Andy Gallagher) #18

Just had the exact same problem when trying to add my monzo card to messenger payments. Facebook payments support said my bank is not supported as they have had problems receiving payments from these cards.

(Alex Alexiev) #19

Hey Monzo is anyone working on this? It’s super convenient!

(Hugh Wells) #20


We are looking into it and the Merchant Acceptance team is following up with Mastercard :grin:


Hey, has there been any update on this? I tried today and facebook did an active card check but then I got the same error as above.